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Did you know that the average customer gets their money within one or two hours, but most of the time it takes just 30 minutes to complete junk my car removal Orlando with us. Can you believe that? We have heard of clients complaining about other companies that can take WEEKS to pick up your vehicle.
Reputable Salvage / Junk Auto Recycling Center in Central Florida
With so many years under our belt, there's no room for error.
If you want your vehicle picked up on a Sunday morning at 8am, it's no problem. We are one of the most talked about junk automobile buying companies in town. Commanding a fleet of tow trucks, our dispatch team is storming Orlando with cash for junk cars, day and night!
Buy My Junk Car Orlando With No Title!
Do you have a junk car with no title? That's fine too, but we will just need to run your car's VIN number before we send out a driver. This policy only applies to salvage cars in Florida. If you are located in any other state, you are required to have the title in your name for us to be able make an offer.
(We have temporarily closed our nationwide junk car removal account. We apologize for the inconvenience, but our cash for junk cars program will continue to run 7 days a week.)
Junk Car & Salvage Tips and Tricks for Orlando Residents
1) Always remember to remove your license plate before we get the junk vehicle on the truck.
2) Make sure you are in possession of a Driver's license or ID. If you don't have one, please have a person available that     does and is willing to do the paperwork in their name.
3) Not every vehicle is the same, some junk vehicles have parts missing, major damage or fire damage. Depending on      the vehicle status and condition that will be assessed when our driver arrives, your price quote may change.
4) Do not try and sell a junk car that is not yours. You wil be prosecuted by law.
Green Recycling Strategies & Procedures for Junk Cars Orlando
When we buy junk cars Orlando, we always recycle with strict recycling procedures which are 100% environmentally safe. Top Cash For Junk Cars Orlando division will drain all of the hazardous liquids, gasses and fluids, which are retrieved by a designated & licensed hazardous waste company. Your vehicle will be dismantled properly. From this point, there are two paths for the junk car. The first route includes having the junk car stripped for used auto parts in Florida. If we have many of your junk vehicle type in our inventory, then we apply the second route, we will crush the junk car and shred it into small pieces. Most junk cars we acquire take the second path of destruction.
Top Cash for Cars Orlando With Courteous, Professional Service
We are winning the battle against junk cars in Orlando. They keep popping up and we keep knockin 'em out. Did you know that we have paid out over 25,000,000 in cash for junk cars since opening back in 1980? Any questions? Call 1-877-280-5865 for professional and friendly service today!
Our Junk Vehicle Recommendations for Safety
Always make sure your tires have the correct amount of air pressure (32-40psi for regular vehicles). Also, try to examine the tires for uneven wear or missing tread. Check your fluid levels and oil regularly. Change oil and oil filter every 3000 miles for standard oil and 6000 miles for synthetic. Since we are living in a state where rainfall is imminent, Rain-X is our favorite product to use. If applied correctly, you don't even need to use your windshield wipers in the rain! Please always remember to wear your seatbelt. Keep a safe distance, don't tailgate.
I have first hand experience with lives saved from wearing a seatbelt.
Be safe, no texting while driving. People on the phone while attempting to drive a motor vehicle are 10 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident. Stay off the phone and drive!

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